Yes! Miranda's Apparel does provide some products which are parallel imports - we clearly label these items as "Parallel Import" within the description to assist with your purchasing choices.


So, what are parallel imports?

As defined on Wikipedia: "A parallel import is a non-counterfeit product imported from another country without the permission of the intellectual property owner."

This simply means we directly import genuine products from suppliers overseas. Many of our suppliers are the same as those used by larger companies in Australia, we just cut out the middle man then pass the fair dinkum savings on to you.


Is parallel importing legal?

Parallel importing has been legal in Australia for some time. In fact, legal reforms in 2018 have made parallel importing easier!

If you're not in Australia and considering purchasing one of our products labelled "Parallel Import" we recommend you check your country's legislation.


Are your products genuine?

Absolutely! All of our stock is 100% genuine. All of our parallel items are new and unused (unless otherwise stated) and usually come with all of the features and build quality of locally sourced, but more expensively priced items.

If there is a specific feature or package set inclusion you need, please ensure you contact us before purchasing the product online as some features or inclusions may not be the same as Australian providers of non-parallel imports.

We've built our reputation on providing genuine brands at great prices with the same guarantees you would expect. Hundreds of delighted, loyal customers have experienced the parallel import difference at Miranda's Apparel.


What about my warranty?

Many of our parallel import products originally come with 1, 2 or even 3 year warranty periods. We happily match any timeframe for the warranty period that was available at the time of sale for standard Australian product for your peace of mind.

If you item comes with a serial number, we recommend once you receive the delivery of your parallel import product that you email: so that we have a confirmed record of delivery of the serial number to you. We also match up serial number records with our suppliers to ensure you have ongoing support if it's ever needed in the future.

As your product is a parallel import it may not be accepted on the original manufacturer's website, if they provide serial number recording, and this is not surprising as they did not supply the item to you.